Chasisi RX

The Future of Medicine


Chasisi RX is commitment to provide pharmacists and patients a fully compliant and legal CBD oil product line. These products were created specifically for the needs of independent pharmacies and healthcare professionals.


We source the highest quality, USA grown organic hemp possible in order to ensure our products go above and beyond customer standards.


We know that pharmacists and their patients want products that are safe and effective. This exclusive professional line meets strict safety standards.

Cutting Edge Science

Once our crops are harvested, the raw materials are processed on-site at one of the world’s most sophisticated state-of-the-art HEMP production facility and laboratories. Chasisi RX is a vertically-integrated company. We can trace each product lot number to the field in which the hemp grew. We can also determine the date of extraction and bottling. This cutting-edge, multi-continental platform is an industry first.

The FDA regulates the quality of pharmaceuticals by carefully monitoring manufacturers’ compliance with its Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations. The cGMP regulations contain minimum requirements for the methods, facilities and controls used in manufacturing, processing and packing of a product. Our manufacturing is cGMP-compliant which ensures product consistency, purity and potency. Chasisi RX sends each lot of finished product to an independent, accredited third-party laboratory for testing and provides a Certificate of Analysis for each product lot.

Not All Hemp is Equal

Our full-spectrum products have multiple cannabinoids, not just one or two. Some CBD companies sell products that only contain CBD. We do not believe that CBD by itself is the optimal way to consume cannabinoids.